Professional Services Appetite

Zurich has an extensive appetite providing commercial insurance and risk management services for professional services, with a focus on law firms, management consultants, accounting firms, design firms, advertising, membership organizations, and more.

Insurance solutions include the following coverages:

  • Property Insurance
    • Business Income/Billable Hours
    • IT Service Provider
    • Flexible Extended Period of Indemnity options
    • Unintentional Errors or Omissions
    • Better Green – coverage to rebuild to same or higher green standard automatically included via sublimit after a covered loss
    • Flexible Accounts Receivables, Valuable Papers, Computer Systems and Fine Arts limits
    • Ordinance or Law applies to all covered property and time element loss, not just buildings
    • Loss of Utilities includes overhead lines
    • Broad personal property definition includes personal property of others in your care, custody and control
  • General Liability
    • Broad Named Insured (includes Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and LLC’s)
    • Automatic Blanket Additional Insureds
    • Automatic Waiver of Right of Subrogation and primary non-contributory conditions
    • Definition of Bodily Injury includes mental anguish, mental injury, shock, fright or death
  • International Coverage
    Coverage can include solutions for:
    • Exporter Solutions: Coverage for domestic companies moving into the global arena
    • Zurich Envoy®: Coverage for companies with an established foreign presence
    • Zurich Envoy®: Global Property: Coverage for larger and more complex risks, our “all risk” property form was built with both domestic and global clients in mind, providing flexibility and alignment with applicable insurance regulations in all jurisdictions where we provide insurance
    • Zurich Travel Assist: Provides concierge services (e.g., forgotten prescription, lost passport) and facilitation for medical and security needs
  • Umbrella
    • Crisis Reimbursement
    • Essential Executive coverage
  • Workers’ Compensation
    • Level and variable dividend options available
    • Loss sensitive programs available
    • Headcount auditable option
    • Pay-as-you-go payroll options
    • Directors and Officers (D&O), Employment Practices Liability (SPL), Fiduciary Liability and Crime
    • Professional Liability or Errors & Omissions (E&O)
    • Cyber

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